Jets wisely snag Aaron Rodgers insurance in this 2024 NFL mock draft

There will be no repeat of 2023 happening next year.
New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers
New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
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In the fourth round, the Jets finally get their insurance for Rodgers. On one hand, it seems hilarious that a fourth-round pick will come in and supplant the former no. 2 overall pick in Zach Wilson and provide a better backup plan. But, we've seen who Wilson is. I think it's safe to say the Jets can move on and look for better options backing up their starter in Rodgers.

While a lot of this year's quarterbacks have one or two things that blow you away, Tulane's Michael Pratt does not. With that said, Pratt is more of a guy who does a lot of things well, but nothing at an elite level.

He can make all the throws, whether it be short, intermediate or deep. He is also mobile enough to escape pressure, throw on the run or make plays with his legs when needed.

Pratt, quite frankly, projects as a fantastic backup quarterback. He isn't a guy that will likely pan out to be a starter or a "franchise quarterback," by any means, but he'll be good enough to depend on when you need him. This season, he tossed 22 touchdowns versus just five interceptions in 11 games.