NFC North Power Rankings after Bears officially select Caleb Williams

Now that the pick is official, let's power rank the four teams in the NFC North.
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2. Chicago Bears

Rejoice, Chicago Bears fans! Not only do you have your franchise quarterback, but you also have the second-best team in the NFC North. I like the situation on defense. I like the offensive line. I love the wide receiver situation and the overall situation with the play-makers on offense, and the QB is going to be a stud.

There aren't many remaining weaknesses for the Bears at this point, and that is just crazy to say. I was quite skeptical of GM Ryan Poles initially, but he's proven me wrong. Ending the year as a 7-10 team in the regular season, I don't think a 10-win season in 2024 is totally out of the question if Caleb Williams can be as good as many think he can be.

1. Detroit Lions

Yeah, the defending NFC North Champions are tops in the NFC North, who would have thought? I truly believe the Detroit Lions can win the Super Bowl in 2024, as they seemed to shore up their remaining holes in free agency. GM Brad Holmes has done a stellar job during his short time with the team, and HC Dan Campbell is a star.

The Lions might not have a true weakness at this point and are at the top of the division until another team knocks them off. Will they be able to sustain this success for the long-term?