NFC West QB Power Rankings: Is Matthew Stafford or Brock Purdy at the top?

Let's power rank the four projected starting quarterbacks in the NFC West.
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The NFC West could end up being a very fun division in 2024, and most of that is going to be due to the talented starting QBs who should give their teams a chance every week. Last year, the NFC West had two teams make the playoffs in the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams, who have honestly dominated the NFC playoffs for years now.

The two best head coach/quarterback duos in the division, the NFC West could see another team emerge as division contenders in 2024. Could the Arizona Cardinals end up making a breakout run in 2024 like the LA Rams did in 2023? Perhaps, and it could start with their QB, Kyler Murray. Where do Murray and the rest of the NFC West QBs rank out in their division?

NFC West QB Power Rankings: Is Matthew Stafford or Brock Purdy at the top?
4. Geno Smith

Sorry, Seahawks fans, but Geno Smith's 2022 season was just an outlier. It makes sense too, as there are many instances of backup-caliber QBs somehow breaking out for one year before returning to their old selves in the following season.

Geno Smith is in his 30s and is not a franchise QB, so the Seahawks are probably still figuring out what they want to do to replace him for the long-term. If nothing else, first-year Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald has a floor-raiser with Smith being in the QB room. Them winning eight or nine games would not be a shock, but they aren't going to go farther with Geno Smith.

3. Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray is underrated and is going to return to his old self in 2024. Being one of the few true dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL, Murray and the Cardinals offense can really open it up in 2024, especially now with an improved offensive line and Marvin Harrison Jr now in the mix. In fact, I believe the Cardinals can shock some people and be a breakout team in 2024.

If they doubled their win total from 2023 and won eight games in 2024 don't be shocked, as Murray would play a huge part in that.

2. Matthew Stafford

Maybe a controversial choice, I do not believe Matthew Stafford is the best quarterback in the NFC West. Likely entering the last couple seasons of his NFL career, he and the LA Rams may have one more run in them. No one really expected the Rams to breakout in 2023, winning 10 games and clinching a spot in the postseason. This might give them more reason to make one final push with Stafford as their guy.

The Rams did win the Super Bowl in 2021, but many of those contributors are gone. The Rams are now going to have to win with a core of much younger and less experienced players, but Matthew Stafford is still balling out.

1. Brock Purdy

Cementing himself as an elite quarterback, Brock Purdy simply wins and is a perfect fit for Kyle Shanahan's offense in San Francisco. Through 25 total regular season games in the NFL, Purdy has tossed 44 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, and has earned a stellar passer rating of 111.4. He led the NFL in passer rating and QBR in 2023, and has a 17-4 record in the regular season.

Purdy is also 4-2 in the postseason, tossing six touchdowns against one interception. Let's not overthink this; both Purdy and the offensive situation in San Fran can both be great, and that's the case here. The 49ers were on the cusp of winning the Super Bowl in 2023, but yet again, could not take down the KC Chiefs.

Right now, it'd be a shock if any team other than the 49ers represented the NFC in the Super Bowl in 2024. At some point, you have to assume that the Niners can go on a run and win the big game with Purdy.