NFL flex scheduling: All 16 possible Week 18 games ranked

Which NFL games will be flexed to Sunday Night Football – and Saturday – in Week 18 to wrap up the 2023 regular season?
San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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4 contenders -- but only if...

10. Denver Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders

There is an outside chance that a potential Jarrett Stidham vs. Aidan O'Connell game ends up deciding the AFC West, but that hinges on both of these teams winning in Week 17 and the Chiefs losing out. We won’t know if the Chiefs lose out until Week 18, so this one could end up meaning nothing. Either team getting a Wild Card spot is a longshot.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

It is highly unlikely that the Jaguars will clinch the AFC South in Week 17, but if they still win, they are guaranteed to be in a “win and in” situation in Week 18. Having said that, this kind of falls in line with the aforementioned single-team “win and in” situations of simply still not being the best available matchup.

8. Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

The Eagles will likely still be in contention for homefield advantage in Week 18. The problem with flexing this game for that reason is the fact that it may hinge on what the Lions and 49ers do. And if the NFC East is already locked up, that could fully deter a start time change.

7. Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers

If the Chiefs lose to the Bengals in Week 17, they will still be able to clinch the AFC West with a victory over the Chargers in Week 18. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid entering the final week of the regular season without as much as a playoff spot locked up almost has to be on national television. Is this team really at risk of missing the postseason entirely?