NFL Free Agency: Best fits for the top running backs in 2024

Where will Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, and Derrick Henry land in 2024?

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3. Josh Jacobs - Denver Broncos

In terms of shelf-life, I think Josh Jacobs is the best of these three. He's the best pure runner, given that Derrick Henry does end up hitting the RB wall in the near future. Well, one team that most definitely needs some help in the backfield is the Denver Broncos, who were likely hoping to get more from Javonte Williams in 2023.

The Broncos rushing attack was not at all threatening, and adding someone like Jacobs would not only give him a chance to stick it to his old team twice a year, but he'd give the Broncos a true bell-cow option in the backfield, and with the chance that a rookie QB is taking snaps for them in 2024, having a true bell-cow is very smart

The Denver Broncos currently have negative cap space as of now, so they will already have to make some moves to get under the cap. With them needing quite a bit more than just a RB, it might not be likely to see Sean Payton dip into the free agent running back market, but in his tenure with the New Orleans Saints, he seemed to always prioritize a strong running game.

Think of players like Reggie Bush, Mark Ingram, and Alvin Kamara; all were players that Sean Payton invested a ton into.