NFL Power Rankings: 5 Franchises on the verge of a losing 2023 season

Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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The NFL season is full of surprises. Injuries, poor performances, and other variables change franchise's projections. The purpose of the off-season is to help teams prepare for these roadblocks. Despite obstacles, the goal remains the same - win more football games. Achieving this goal is easier said than done for some Head Coaches.

Here are a few franchises watching their seasons spiral down the drain.

NFL Losing Season Franchise #5: Cincinnati Bengals

Consecutive divisional losses never equate to good news. The Cincinnati Bengals surrendered two of their six AFC North match-ups before the middle of the season. We did not expect Zac Taylor's group to struggle this early in the year. They reached the AFC Conference championship twice in the last two seasons. It's clear something is disrupting their focus, and it will cost them later down the line.

Issues in the backfield may be the source of the Bengals' problems. Joe Burrow looks uncomfortable on the field. It's impacting his performance. Sam Howell (65.2), Jordan Love (67.2), and Joshua Dobbs (68.4) have earned higher offensive ratings than the former Pro Bowler (61.7). He ties 28th in passing touchdowns (2) and 16th in completions. The Bengals can not win without Burrow, but when will he show up? A lingering calf injury could be the cause of the poor performance. If so, Cincinnati should consider resting their franchise quarterback. The Bengals' upcoming schedule is grueling, and they'll need Burrow at full strength.