NFL Power Rankings: Biggest risers and fallers after 2024 offseason

Which NFL teams have risen and fallen the most in the 2024 offseason?
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12. Buffalo Bills

There are few teams who had to take it on the chin during the 2024 offseason quite like the Buffalo Bills. The Bills lost a lot of core players on both offense and defense, including the trade that sent Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans.

Why are we trading away key playmakers to direct competition in the AFC, again?

The Bills paid Josh Allen a big money deal, and now they need to see the return on that investment as far as Allen being the guy to raise all boats in the harbor, so to speak. He’s got to elevate this team, which was on the brink of being eliminated from the playoffs for over a month last year it felt like.

Allen and the Bills are resilient, but you can’t help but feel they missed a window the last handful of years.

11. Dallas Cowboys

Speaking of missing windows, the Dallas Cowboys finally said goodbye to defensive coordinator Dan Quinn this offseason. Quinn bolted for what felt like the only job that he’s actually been offered over the last couple of years, which just so happened to be in the division (Commanders).

And not only did Quinn leave, but he took a handful of players with him. The Cowboys were cap-strapped all offseason and limited on NFL Draft capital. They are going to have to hope that young players can develop and improve the outlook of this roster going forward.

The contract situation of Dak Prescott also looms as a large storm cloud over the present and future of this team.