NFL Power Rankings: Biggest risers and fallers after 2024 offseason

Which NFL teams have risen and fallen the most in the 2024 offseason?
NFL Power Rankings
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18. New Orleans Saints

It’s hard to know exactly what to make of the New Orleans Saints this coming season.

They have good, not great coaching. They have a quarterback who is good some weeks, horrendous in others. They are dealing with significant injuries and depth issues on the offensive line. 

Defensively, the Saints have continued to play at a high level under Dennis Allen. Offensively, however, it’s a different story. And it’s really hard to project any sort of next step for them. There was no consistency from this team last year on that side of the ball week to week. At least, not until the final five weeks of last season. The Saints won four of their last five games last year and narrowly missed the playoffs. They benefit from playing in one of the worst divisions in football, and that could be the case again this year.

17. Cleveland Browns

Alright Cleveland Browns fans -- I can't wait to read your emails about this one. I don't mean to disrespect the Browns here. I do believe they are one of the best teams in the NFL and probably deserving of a spot much higher than this on any NFL power rankings list, even in the offseason.

As good as the Browns are defensively -- and they might have the best overall defense in the league -- I just can't shake the feeling that they are in for another disappointing year from Deshaun Watson at quarterback. Watson has appeared in 12 games since 2020. Think about how insane it is to believe he could still return to being the guy we saw as a viable MVP candidate back in 2019.

How many other players are we clinging to 2019 hope for? Michael Thomas? Jamal Adams? Nobody in the NFL at the quarterback position gets more credit for who they used to be than Deshaun Watson. And I'm not buying it until I see it again.