NFL Power Rankings: How do all 32 general managers stack up before 2024 draft?

Let's power rank all NFL general managers in the NFL.
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15. Brandon Beane, Buffalo Bills

I don't believe Brandon Beane is a great GM. Him having to really retool this roster all at once with limited young talent tells me he put too many of his eggs in one basket. The Stefon Diggs trade was probably needed, but now it feels like Beane has to start over with Josh Allen, a half-decent offensive line, and some respectable pieces on defense, but this could be a multi-year retooling process.

14. Chris Grier, Miami Dolphins

A fine GM, Chris Grier has been quite aggressive, and it has paid off to an extent. If the Miami Dolphins can figure out how to play in cold weather, they can make a deep playoff run, as their roster is as good as anyone's in the NFL.

13. Joe Douglas, New York Jets

The New York Jets were an embarrassing team in 2023, but it's because they lost their franchise QB. Any team is going to endure some hardship when the QB goes down. To be fair to Douglas, he has done a nice job in the NFL Draft and has really turned this roster around, filling their most urgent needs in free agency this offseason.

12. Chris Ballard, Indianapolis Colts

Chris Ballard may have found something with the duo of Anthony Richardson at QB and Shane Steichen at QB. Ballard has typically been rock-solid in the NFL Draft, but I believe he struggles with positional value at times. However, the Colts seem like they're in a great spot to truly compete in 2024, and Ballard deserves a ton of credit for that.