NFL Power Rankings: How do all 32 general managers stack up before 2024 draft?

Let's power rank all NFL general managers in the NFL.
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4. Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles

His team took a huge step back in 2023, but there might not be a GM in the NFL more obsessed with winning than Howie Roseman, who has made a career out of being a hyper-aggressive roster builder. Cleaning house a bit this offseason, Roseman again seems geared up to make another strong push in 2024.

3. Brad Holmes, Detroit Lions

Brad Holmes took over a desperate franchise in 2021. He's now gotten them to Super Bowl contenders status heading into the 2024 NFL Season. What Holmes has done in free agency and especially in his NFL Drafts is just flat-out insane. He's an excellent GM and has built a roster to sustain success for the long-term.

2. John Lynch, San Francisco 49ers

Likely more of a collaborative effort between Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, the duo has turned San Francisco into a true powerhouse each and every season. Even with their cap crunch this offseason, San Fran has done a nice job at keeping the roster in a similar spot to where it has been in year's past, and just think; they traded a total of three first-round picks to ultimately draft Trey Lance.

Somehow, they were able to work through that, find a gem in Brock Purdy, and look to be on the cusp of winning a Super Bowl in the near future.

1. Brett Veach, Kansas City Chiefs

It's really hard to argue that someone else should be ranked No. 1. Yes, Patrick Mahomes is from a different planet, but teams don't win Super Bowls with just one player, and Brett Veach is the one doing the world to keep the OL strong on offense. He's also found a ton of gems on defense as well and has won three Super Bowls over the last five seasons.