NFL Power Rankings: How do all the playoff teams stack up?

How do all the playoff teams stack up with each other?
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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7. Los Angeles Rams

I do think the Los Angeles Rams can easily make a run in the postseason. They won 10 games this year and have a head coach and quarterback duo that recently won a Super Bowl. LA will travel to Detroit to face the Lions in the Wild Card round.

6. Buffalo Bills

A late-season push from the Buffalo Bills has gotten them into the postseason. I think there are valid questions about their defense holding up and Josh Allen protecting the football, but Joe Burrow is not in the postseason and the Kansas City Chiefs are just not a very good team, so maybe Allen and the Bills can do on a run this year.

5. Cleveland Browns

The one thing that the Cleveland Browns are doing with Joe Flacco is moving the ball consistently, which is something they did not do with Deshaun Watson or any of their other QBs this year. Flacco also has a 10-5 playoff record and the Browns defense is the best in the NFL. This is a complete, scary team.

4. Detroit Lions

The one thing I worry about with the Detroit Lions is their defense, and I do think the Los Angeles Rams, who are the No. 6 seed, could come into Detroit and pull off the upset. It'll be Matthew Stafford in his old home facing off against the QB that replaced him in Jared Goff.