NFL Power Rankings: How do the playoff quarterbacks stack up?

Who is the best QB left as the playoffs begin?
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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With all 14 playoff spots being set, let's try to power rank all of the starting QBs in the 2024 NFL playoffs before Wild Card Weekend. There are certainly some interesting QBs who are set to start playoff games this year. The 2023 NFL Season has truly been the year of the backup QB, and we might see a backup passer start a playoff game.

In most cases, matchups can be decided by who the best quarterback is, and I think that is even more true with the NFL playoffs. While some of these teams might be fun stories, their quarterback situation, especially with some of the Wild Card teams, is shaky. As we progress toward Saturday for the start of the NFL playoffs, let's power rank all 14 starting QBs.

NFL Power Rankings: How do the playoff quarterbacks stack up?
14. Mason Rudolph, Pittsburgh Steelers

Mason Rudolph is a fun story, but there's a reason why he's been in the league for years and has not turned into a franchise passer. I think he's made a case to stick around as the QB2 in Pittsburgh next year, but I expect that he'll have a rough game in the Wild Card round.

13. Joe Flacco, Cleveland Browns

Another fun story, Joe Flacco was signed off the couch earlier this year and has just been letting it rip in Cleveland. Flacco holds a 10-5 playoff record with the Baltimore Ravens, so I do think the Browns can make a deep run if Flacco can just play more disciplined football and play within the structure of the offense.

12. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

I think we need to have a conversation about Jalen Hurts. It's increasingly looking like his 2022 season was more of an outlier than anything else. Hurts has simply not been that good this year, and if you take away all of his "Tush Push" touchdowns, his production is not that of a franchise passer. It just isn't.