NFL Power Rankings: More movement present after Week 7 games

Who moved up and down in the Week 7 power rankings?
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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Week 7 is just about in the book, and as you may expect, there's going to be more movement in the latest edition of power rankings. Did anyone have the New England Patriots beating the Buffalo Bills in Week 7? Did anyone think rookie Tyson Bagent could have led the Chicago Bears to victory?

The NFL is a wonderful thing in that there's always a ton of parity and just about anything can happen in any given week. We are slowly approaching the halfway point of the 2023 NFL season, and I think the good and bad teams are beginning to separate themselves. The true Super Bowl contenders seem pretty clear, and those who should be looking to the 2024 NFL Draft seem obvious.

Let's take a look at the latest installment of NFL power rankings.

NFL Power Rankings: More movement present after Week 7 games.

32. Carolina Panthers (0-6)

The worst team in the NFL by far is the Carolina Panthers. Head coach Frank Reich recently handed over play-calling duties to OC Thomas Brown, so we'll see if that changes anything. I don't think it will. The Panthers' first-round pick in 2024 belongs to the Chicago Beaars.

31. Arizona Cardinals (1-6)

This team was not intending to win in 2023, and they are currently the only team in the NFL who have just one win. I do truly wonder if Kyler Murray actually plays football this year for them. It might not help them much if they are angling towards a higher draft pick in 2024.

30. New York Giants (2-5)

Honestly, Tyrod Taylor is the better QB over Daniel Jones, so I think if the G-Men want to get their season back on track, they should play the better player. Taylor is a fine QB.

29. New England Patriots (2-5)

Bill Belichick won his 300th career regular-season game in Week 7, and he upset the Buffalo Bills in the process. This wild win in Week 7 should not change the way you think about the New England Patriots. They are still a bad football team.