NFL Power Rankings on Christmas Day: Who rises, who falls?

Who rises and falls in the latest edition of NFL Power Rankings?
Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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8. Kansas City Chiefs (9-5)

The Kansas City Chiefs are definitely in uncharted waters.  The offense is pretty inept in the second half and the wide receivers are just plain bad.  This team isn’t a Super Bowl contender this year and has some heavy lifting to do on the offensive side of the ball next offseason.

7. Dallas Cowboys (10-5)

The Dallas Cowboys have lost two games in a row but still have 10 wins and are still alive in the NFC East race.  They and the Philadelphia Eagles seem to be two of the worst 10-win teams in recent NFL memory, but someone has to win that division!

6. Buffalo Bills (9-6)

I really think we need to cool down about the Buffalo Bills.  Yes, they have won three games in a row, but they barely beat one of the worst teams in the NFL yesterday, and the Buffalo Bills of old did show a little bit, so I would not put a ton of stock in this team just yet, but they have turned their season around.

5. Cleveland Browns (10-5)

Three wins in a row for the Cleveland Browns has them surging in the AFC and still alive for a division title and the #1 seed in a conference.  And their quarterback is… Joe Flacco!  The NFL has been next-level wacky this year.