NFL Power Rankings: Predicting every team's worst-case scenario in 2024

What's the worst-case scenario for every NFL team in 2024?
NFL Power Rankings
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12. Los Angeles Rams: 6 or 7 wins, team can’t stay healthy

I said earlier that we weren’t just going to use the cop-out of “injuries are this team’s worst-case scenario” because you can say that about literally any team in the NFL. But for the Los Angeles Rams, I think it’s fair. The Rams obviously said goodbye to Aaron Donald this offseason as the future Hall of Famer decided to retire, but the core of this team remains intact.

General manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay had taken the “F*** them Picks” approach in the past, but lately, it’s been the draft picks developing into the new core of this roster. The Rams have done such a great job of drafting the last few years, and the only way this team isn’t winning 9 or 10 games is if key veterans like Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp can’t stay healthy.

The Rams need their key veterans around, or you-know-what is hitting the fan.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars: 7 or 8 wins, miss the playoffs (repeat of 2023)

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ worst-case scenario in 2024 might just be a repeat of 2023, right? You don’t want to relive this, Jaguars fans, but how about starting off the season 8-3 and missing the playoffs completely?

How many times has that happened in NFL history? It can’t be many. 

What if the Jaguars come out strong again this year, only to falter and give way to the Texans or Colts again? What if Trevor Lawrence looks like a bum after signing a $275 million contract? If the Jaguars can’t find a way back into the postseason this year with that pricey of a quarterback, you can’t help but wonder if the team might think about moving on from Doug Pederson…