NFL Power Rankings: Predicting every team's worst-case scenario in 2024

What's the worst-case scenario for every NFL team in 2024?
NFL Power Rankings
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6. Cincinnati Bengals: 8 or 9 wins, team can’t stay healthy

The worst possible scenario for the Bengals this coming season is basically a repeat of last year. This team is in a competitive window right now, and given we’ve seen trade requests from guys like Tee Higgins and Trey Hendrickson recently – not to mention the departures of some key coaches and players in 2024 – the sand timer is running low.

The core is going to remain intact, but the Bengals are soon going to have to reset in certain areas and having another major injury to Joe Burrow would cause this team to miss a valuable year where they could otherwise be one of the best teams in the AFC.

If Burrow stays healthy, I don’t see the Bengals winning less than 10 games. But even if Burrow misses time, the Bengals have proven that they’re going to be tough and can still win eight or so games.

5. Philadelphia Eagles: 9 or 10 wins, lose in Wild Card round

The Eagles, like a number of other teams, have the benefit of the “worst-case scenario” sort of playing out last season. They know what not to do, so to speak.

The Eagles have made major changes defensively starting with adding Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator. They added a couple of top-tier prospects to their dreadful secondary in first-round pick Quinyon Mitchell and second-round pick Cooper DeJean. Are the additions going to be enough to fix one of the league’s worst defenses from a year ago?

Given the upgrades they’ve made, it feels like 10 wins will be the floor for the Eagles, but throwing young players into the fire…you just never know. For a team this talented, the worst possible outcome this season is going to be barely making the playoffs and then getting bounced quickly again. Fans are going to start to wonder why such a talented and well-paid roster is underachieving when it matters most.