NFL Power Rankings: Predicting every team's worst-case scenario in 2024

What's the worst-case scenario for every NFL team in 2024?
NFL Power Rankings
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4. Detroit Lions: 10 wins, lose in Wild Card Round

The Detroit Lions have undoubtedly built themselves into a contender in the NFC. This team was dangerously close to making it to the Super Bowl this past season, and the expectations being heaped upon them this coming season will be tremendous.

When it comes to this roster with this coaching staff, the true floor for the Lions has to be somewhere around 10 wins. The true worst thing that can happen to this team in 2024 is really an early exit from the playoffs. The Lions strike me as a team that’s probably going to win 11 games at minimum, and if they are able to win 11 regular season games only to lose at home in the Wild Card or Divisional Round?

Lions fans would be rightfully sick to their collective stomachs. 

3. Baltimore Ravens: 10+ wins, lose in Divisional Round

Everyone assumes the Baltimore Ravens are going to be good again in 2024. Rightfully so. The Ravens are a well-oiled machine at this point and they were dominant just about all year last year.

That’s why it was so shocking that they played so poorly in their playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. With the way the Ravens play defense and how dynamic their offense can be, it’s hard to believe they were shut down the way they were. If that happens again in 2024, it’s the worst-case scenario for this team. Of course, the Ravens have Super Bowl aspirations, but losing before the AFC Championship – at the very least – would be so frustrating for this franchise and fan base.

The pieces are all in place, so for the Ravens to underachieve again in the postseason would be a catastrophe.