NFL Power Rankings: Predicting every team's worst-case scenario in 2024

What's the worst-case scenario for every NFL team in 2024?
NFL Power Rankings
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30. Tennessee Titans: 3 or 4 wins, contend for #1 pick

After spending a ton of money and resources to upgrade the roster in 2024, it would be beyond frustrating for the Titans as an organization to finish dead last in the AFC South and actually regress from what we saw last year. Six wins with the former NFL Coach of the Year, Mike Vrabel, wasn’t enough for this organization to consider rebuilding. They clearly believed this team was just a couple of pieces away from contention in their division, and we’ll see if they’re right.

Everything hinges on Will Levis taking a step forward, but if he’s erratic and doesn’t prove to be a franchise-caliber quarterback, this team could end up bottoming out with just a couple of wins. It might take injuries to some key veterans to drop that low, but if Levis stinks or Mason Rudolph has to play extensively, 3 or 4 wins might not be out of the question.

29. New York Giants: 3 or 4 wins, contend for #1 pick

Just two seasons ago, the New York Giants not only made the playoffs but somehow won a road playoff game against the white-hot Minnesota Vikings. The Giants were galvanized, they were playing complementary football, and they stayed healthy in key areas. Unfortunately, everything went directly south in the 2023 season for this team. The Giants went 6-11 and ranked 30th in the league in scoring offense and 26th in the league in scoring defense. 

Brian Daboll’s offense struggled all season with injuries and the war on attrition, ultimately ranking 30th in 3rd down offense and 31st in red zone offense. This team will be one of the worst in the NFL if Daniel Jones can’t stay healthy and limit turnovers like he did in the 2022 season. Even though this Giants team has nice pieces defensively, the offense could cause them to bottom out in a worst-case scenario.