NFL Power Rankings: Predicting every team's worst-case scenario in 2024

What's the worst-case scenario for every NFL team in 2024?
NFL Power Rankings
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26. Minnesota Vikings: 4 or 5 wins and JJ McCarthy never sees the field

If the Minnesota Vikings let Sam Darnold play 17 games and they only win four or five of them, this coaching staff should be ashamed of itself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with teams deciding that rookie quarterbacks need to sit. There’s a huge problem if the team forces a guy to sit through losing or horrible quarterback play.

The Vikings have one of the best overall situations for a young quarterback to step into from their coaching to wide receivers and offensive line. If Sam Darnold fails to prove himself to be a worthwhile reclamation project, then the Vikings need to know when to leave that idea in the dust. For just about any team breaking in a young quarterback, leaving this season with major question marks at that position would be an absolute failure.

25. Seattle Seahawks: 4 or 5 wins, Pete Carroll’s absence is crushing

As wild as it is to think, the Seattle Seahawks might have a pretty low floor in 2024. Although he’s not inheriting a blank canvas, it’s also not like Pete Carroll is handing over the keys to the Legion of Boom to new head coach Mike Macdonald. Carroll instilled a culture in this franchise that won’t easily be replaced, even by a candidate like Macdonald who did tremendous work with the Baltimore Ravens. 

The Seahawks were 25th in scoring defense last year. They allowed more first downs last season than any other team. They were 30th in yards, 30th in third-down defense, and just generally getting gashed every week on the defensive front. 

Last year was last year, but if there aren’t major improvements defensively this season for the Seahawks, they could be in for a long year. Not to mention, there’s the possibility of a QB controversy with Geno Smith and Sam Howell.