NFL Power Rankings: Predicting every team's record after minicamp in 2024

What's our gut feeling on your favorite team's record in 2024?
2024 NFL Power Rankings
2024 NFL Power Rankings / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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6. Philadelphia Eagles: 11-6

The Philadelphia Eagles were one of the league’s most disappointing teams in the 2023 NFL season despite starting off with a 10-1 record. You could tell early on last season that the Eagles were not the same level of team that went to the Super Bowl the year prior, and you can only hope if you’re an Eagles fan that the comeback is on this season.

The problem with Philadelphia last year was their defense, which ranked near the bottom of the league in way too many metrics. They stole Vic Fangio from the Dolphins this offseason and now have one of the best coordinators in the league. In terms of personnel, they used free agency and the 2024 NFL Draft to make some much-needed upgrades to the secondary.

If the defense can raise the floor this year, the Eagles could be one of the NFL’s better teams once again.

5. Cincinnati Bengals: 11-6

The Cincinnati Bengals are another team, just like the Philadelphia Eagles, who disappointed last season. Fortunately (or maybe not) for the Bengals, the reason why that team ended up on the outside looking in of the playoffs was completely health-related.

The Bengals had to rely on Jake Browning to keep them in playoff contention late in the season with Joe Burrow dealing with another bad injury, this one to his thumb. But when this team is healthy, the Bengals are one of the NFL’s best and biggest threats to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC.

One of the bigger problems for the Bengals right now is how good the Ravens are in the AFC North. I don’t think we’re going to see the Steelers and Browns present quite as much of a threat this coming season but the Bengals are obviously going to need to be at full strength to capitalize on the window they currently find themselves in.