NFL power rankings: Ranking all 32 quarterback rooms heading into 2024 season

Let's rank all 32 QB rooms in the NFL ahead of the 2024 season.
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8. Ravens - Lamar Jackson, Josh Johnson

The Baltimore Ravens now have a two-time MVP quarterback in Lamar Jackson, but their backup QB situation is quite poor.  Veteran journeyman Josh Johnson is in line to be the backup QB, but Johnson has been in and out of the league for well over 10 years now, never sticking on a team for very long.  If the Ravens are without Jackson for some games, Josh Johnson being the backup is not good enough.

You might be wondering why they rank 8th on this list, but that’s why.  It’s especially concerning given that Jackson has missed some time, as his dual-threat style of play makes him more vulnerable to injuries.  We’ll see if the Ravens can get over the hump and make it back to the Super Bowl, as they have disappointed in the playoffs in recent seasons.

7. Jaguars - Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones

Trevor Lawrence and Mac Jones make for a very interesting quarterback room.  Trevor Lawrence has played three seasons in the NFL and has really only had one season of note.  The 2022 year was a nice breakout year for Lawrence and the Jags, but they dealt with some bumpy roads in 2023, leading to them not building on the year before.

Despite Lawrence not being nearly as efficient, the Jaguars still signed him to a deal that’ll pay him $55 million per year, which is atop the QB contracts alongside Joe Burrow.  The Jaguars and Lawrence are under a good bit of pressure in 2024, as the QB hopes to silence some of the critics.

Mac Jones had a nice rookie season with the New England Patriots but dealt with some bad personnel and coaching, which led to him being shipped off to the Jaguars this offseason in a trade.  Jones being in a more stable situation and having some more stable coaching should help him reset himself, and I could see a scenario where Jones gets another shot to start down the line.