NFL power rankings: Ranking all 32 quarterback rooms heading into 2024 season

Let's rank all 32 QB rooms in the NFL ahead of the 2024 season.
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30. Giants - Daniel Jones, Drew Lock

Joe Schoen, the New York Giants general manager, is somehow heading into the 2024 NFL Season with Daniel Jones and Drew Lock as his quarterbacks, which is a slap in the face to the organization and to Giants fans. The Giants apparently wanted to trade up during the 2024 NFL Draft to select Drake Maye, but how does a team go from wanting a consensus top-3 QB in Maye to not taking a QB at all?

This is another example of a team simply throwing in the towel on the season, as the Giants are going nowhere but down with Jones and Lock, and I am not sure Daniel Jones is going to start for this team. Drew Lock might be the better quarterback here.

29. Seahawks - Geno Smith, Sam Howell

The 2024 NFL Season is likely going to be an evaluation year for the Seattle Seahawks, who have Geno Smith an Sam Howell as their top two quarterbacks, which is near the bottom of the NFL. With the team moving on from Pete Carroll, a rebuild could be on the horizon.

Smith is likely the starter for the season, and he's just barely good enough to give the Seahawks staff and front office and accurate reading on which players on both sides of the ball they can keep and build around, but I would expect this QB room to look quite a bit different going forward.

The Russell Wilson trade seems to have been the right move, but the hardest part of the post-Wilson era is still facing them right in the face, and that would be to find another franchise quarterback, which is the hardest thing to do in professional sports.

I would expect both Smith and Howell to probably play on new teams for the 2025 NFL Season and beyond, as neither are particularly good.