NFL power rankings: Ranking each division by their starting QBs for 2024

Let's rank the divisions by starting quarterbacks.
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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6. NFC North - Jared Goff, Jordan Love, Sam Darnold, Caleb Williams

The NFC North could shoot up this list in 2024 if Jordan Love can take another step forward, and maybe if Caleb Williams, the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, can show some promise as a rookie. The other interesting QB here is Sam Darnold, who looks to be firmly entrenched as the starter for at least part of 2024.

The Minnesota Vikings seem poised to start JJ McCarthy on the bench and take that route with the rookie quarterback. Jared Goff is coming off of two stellar seasons in which he's thrown for 59 touchdown passes. Goff is not elite, but he's pretty close.

However, you can see the clear hole in this division at quarterback, but this is a division that can end up being quite the intense competition in the 2024 NFL Season.

5. AFC South - CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, Trevor Lawrence, Will Levis

The AFC South is a fun division filled with a plethora of young quarterbacks. CJ Stroud quickly established himself as a top passer in the NFL with his historically good rookie season. There aren't five quarterbacks better than Stroud in the NFL right now.

Anthony Richardson's rookie season was cut short due to injury, but there is reason to be excited about his year two, as the Colts did win nine games with Gardner Minshew taking most of the snaps under center. Trevor Lawrence looks to rebound from his shaky 2023 season in which his wide receivers did not do him any favors, but it's clear that T-Law is extremely talented.

And the huge question mark here is Will Levis of the Tennessee Titans. With added personnel on offense, can Levis make a big enough jump for the Titans? Only time will tell.