NFL power rankings: Ranking each division by their starting QBs for 2024

Let's rank the divisions by starting quarterbacks.
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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2. AFC East - Josh Allen, Tua Tagovailoa, Jacoby Brissett, Aaron Rodgers

The AFC East could be a hugely talented division in 2024, with as many as three teams who could make the postseason. Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills are the established team here, as they have owned the AFC East in recent years. However, they did have to do some roster shaving this offseason to get their cap space situated.

They should still be a good team, but a slight regress would not surprise me, especially now that Allen does not have either Stefon Diggs or Gabe Davis catching passes for him in 2024. The Miami Dolphins are the most talented team in the division, but questions about their quarterback situation and their cold weather performances have limited this team in recent years.

The New York Jets could be an interesting team, and it obviously all hinges on Aaron Rodgers. I tend to think the Jets may finish with 7-10 wins at best, and may tread around the .500 mark for a majority of the NFL season.

The New England Patriots are clearly rebuilding and will be irrelevant in 2024.

1. AFC North - Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, Deshaun Watson

The best group of starting quarterbacks in the NFL for 2024 belongs to the AFC North. Now yes, both Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson were terrible last year, but I am also looking at some projection here. Wilson may end up in way more of a game manager role for the Steelers, which could be something he excells in.

Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow are both excellent, so there isn't much more to discuss there. Both are arguably top-5 quarterbacks in the NFL. Deshaun Watson was once thought of as a top QB in the NFL, but man, his fall off over the last few years is just wild. If Watson can regain his form that he had with the Houston Texans, the Cleveland Browns are going to make a deep playoff run and could win the Super Bowl.

With all four teams being quite competent in 2023, there might not be much change in 2024. The AFC North pretty clearly has the best group of starting QBs in the NFL for the 2024 season.