NFL power rankings: Ranking the starting QBs in AFC West for the 2024 Season

Who are the best QBs in the AFC West?
President Biden Hosts Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs At White House
President Biden Hosts Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs At White House / Andrew Harnik/GettyImages
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3. Bo Nix - Denver Broncos

I'm going to take the bold route here and not only assume that Bo Nix wins the starting job, but that he is modestly efficient in year one. Frankly, the fit between Nix and the Denver Broncos is seamless, so he really shouldn't have that tough a time adjusting to what Sean Payton wants to run. Sure, the speed of the NFL is a different animal, and Nix's windows in the passing game will shrink, but he's got a good chance to succeed.

He's the most experienced college QB in history and has all the tools to be a franchise passer. Will he be 2023 CJ Stroud good? Probably not, but Nix is surrounded by adequate personnel and a stellar offensive coach in Sean Payton.

2. Justin Herbert - Los Angeles Chargers

I am in the camp that Justin Herbert is not as good as the NFL world seems to think. He hit his ceiling during his rookie season in 2020 and has truly been the same QB over the first four years of his career. And people tend to overrate him because of his size and arm strength. Right now, he is barrelling toward being a more athletic Kirk Cousins than closer to Joe Burrow or Josh Allen.

1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

OK, we're all in agreement here, right? Already a first-ballot Hall of Famer through six seasons starting, Patrick Mahomes has led the Kansas City Chiefs to three Super Bowls over the last five seasons. He's also got two league MVP awards and is just not from this planet. He's also not yet 30 years old, so there could be another 5-7 years of prime Mahomes for the Chiefs to enjoy.

He did not have a great season statistically in 2023, but they ended up in the playoffs where all bets are off. In the postseason last year, he threw six touchdowns against one interception and earned a 100.3 passer rating. There also might not be a reason to doubt the Chiefs in 2024, especially if they can stabilize their WR room. Can they be the first team in the history of the NFL to win three-straight Super Bowls?