NFL Power Rankings: Week 9's slate of games provided some serious blowouts

In Week 9, we definitely got some confirmation about a slew of teams after Week 9
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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Week 9 of the 2023 NFL Season was filled with some blowouts and some nail-biters. Well, if nothing else, we definitely got some confirmation on what teams are for real and what teams are not. The Baltimore Ravens blowing out the Seattle Seahawks was not a surprise to me. And guess what? The Las Vegas Raiders played some inspired football and took the lowly New York Giants to the cleaners.

The Atlanta Falcons lost to a third-string quarterback in the final seconds, and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the fraudulent Miami Dolphins in Germany. Anyway, we are more of less "officially" in the second-half of the 2023 NFL Season. Slowly but surely, the playoff picture in each conference will take shape.

And we can certainly see which teams will be competing for playoff spots and which teams are barreling towards the couch in January. Let's dive into Week 9 Power Rankings.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 9's slate of games provided some serious blowouts

32. Arizona Cardinals (1-8)

Eh. Hopefully, we see Kyler Murray soon. Rookie Clayton Tune got a nice welcome to the NFL against the Cleveland Browns. The Cardinals definitely weren't going to throw Murray into that beast.

31. New York Giants (2-7)

It looks like Daniel Jones is going to miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL. The New York Giants are slowly approaching the "Drake Maye and Caleb Williams" tier, which is good, since I think this team has already moved on from Jones in their heads.

30. Carolina Panthers (1-7)

Man, did you all see CJ Stroud throw for nearly 500 yards and five touchdowns this week? I bet Frank Reich and Scott Fitterer did!

29. New England Patriots (2-7)

Mac Jones is terrible and Bill Belichick might be terrible-er. The New England Patriots need to target a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft.