NFL power rankings: Who are the 10 best wide receivers in the league?

As we inch closer to the start of the 2024 NFL regular season we analyze the best in different positions. We take a look at the top ten wide receivers.
Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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2. Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings

Ranking Justin Jefferson was tough. He is the most dangerous and talented receiver in the league. However, how great he is in 2024 could be a mystery. He and Kirk Cousins were magic together. They hooked up for 4,825 receiving yards and 25 touchdowns in just three season.

In 2023, Jefferson was on his way to another huge season. In the first five weeks of the season, he already had 571 yards. He then suffered a hamstring injury. He did not return until Week 14. Despite that, he still finished the season with 1,074 yards. He had four touchdowns, eight contested catches, 41 first down catches, and 16 catches of 20-plus yards.

This season, Jefferson will have a different quarterback targeting him. Cousins departed via free agency. Now the Minnesota Vikings will have either Sam Darnold or JJ McCarthy. Darnold is a former first-round pick who has struggled through six seasons. McCarthy was the Vikings' first-round pick in this year's draft.

There is no denying Jefferson's talent. He has the size, length, athleticism, and hands that make him an incredible player. He can make any type of catch, whether it is contested or not. He also has the speed to get away from defenders. His drop rate last season was just one percent.

Then again, with his abilities, Jefferson could help whoever the quarterback is for Minnesota. The quarterback rating when targeting him has never been under 100 throughout his career. He can make any quarterback look good. It will be interesting how Jefferson performs with a new quarterback.

Jefferson is another player looking for a new contract. He is playing on his fifth-year option so he is looking for a huge new deal. There are many receivers who are waiting for Jefferson to sign his new deal so he could set the market. He could decide to not sign and take a chance that he continues his high-level play. If he has another great season he could hit the jackpot and become the highest-paid non-quarterback in the NFL.