NFL Rumors: 5 teams that will regret not making a trade before the deadline

Which teams failed to make a deal and will pay the price?
Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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5. Los Angeles Chargers

Finally, the Los Angeles Chargers were a team that many thought should make a trade but did not. This is a team that has so much talent and, every year it seems, they go into each season with high expectations only to let down the fan base.

There is still plenty of season left for the Chargers to turn things around at 3-4. One of the areas the Chargers need to shore up is their pass defense. They are currently dead last in the NFL in pass defense, giving up over 297 yards per game through the air.

At this year's deadline, the Chargers could have been aggressive in going after a cornerback like Surtain or Jaylon Johnson, even though the latter was reportedly not going to be dealt. Another cornerback rumored to be available was the Panthers' Donte Jackson. The point is, the Chargers should have made a move to try and stop the bleeding.

Instead, they went without making a move and will depend on the current group, which is a mess.

Additionally, the Chargers could have gone out and made a move for a wide receiver to help ease the pain of losing Mike Williams, but they'll depend on rookie Quentin Johnston and (hopefully) veteran Josh Palmer, depending on the status of his knee going forward.