NFL Rumors: 1 trade deadline deal for each NFC contender

We try and play matchmaker with some of the NFC's top teams before the trade deadline
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6. San Francisco 49ers: Cardinals wide receiver Marquise Brown

Finally, we come to those 49ers who have struggled offensively the last two weeks. One instance was understandable, as they faced a feisty Cleveland Browns defense. However, the Vikings are not a defense many teams are worried about, and the Niners put up just 17 points.

The injury to Deebo Samuel doesn't seem to be too severe, and he should be back soon. But, adding one more weapon to this offense isn't a bad idea. The 49ers are also a team that has never backed down from making a splash deal. John Lynch is aggressive, and he's all-in on winning.

49ers Brown trade

The Cardinals could be moving on from Marquise Brown, while Arizona is in limbo it seems. The Cardinals have played some competitive games this year, and will be getting Kyler Murray back soon. But, will they wind up totally revamping the roster in 2024? That's a tough question right now.

In any event, Brown would give the Niners one more explosive weapon to use alongside Brandon Aiyuk, Samuel, Christian McCaffrey and George Kittle. This offense could be downright nightmarish at full health.