NFL Thanksgiving 2023: 1 thing each team should be thankful for

What is one thing that EACH team should be thankful for this year?
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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New York Jets - Their defense

There is absolutely nothing working with the New York Jets' offense, but at least their defense is good. The franchise better hope that Aaron Rodgers can return from his torn Achilles and still have something left in the tank. The franchise needs that to be the case, or else they are totally screwed.

Philadelphia Eagles - Howie Roseman

Howie Roseman is the best GM in the NFL, objectively. He never settles. If something is wrong with his team, he brings in a player to try and fix it. He's simply the best at what he does and just totally knocks it out of the part in the NFL Draft and in free agency. The Eagles are a powerhouse because of Roseman.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike Tomlin

A lot of Pittsburgh Steelers fans who are not huge advocates of Mike Tomlin would be shocked to see how bad the team would be without him as the head coach. If the Steelers were to move on from Tomlin, he'd have another HC job within 48 hours. Tomlin hasn't really done much in the playoffs for almost a decade now, but he's brought stability to the team and I don't think going in another direction is smart.

San Francisco 49ers - Kyle Shanahan

The San Francisco 49ers have one of, if not the best overall roster in the NFL, and Kyle Shanahan should get credit for it. The 49ers are a powerhouse each year when they aren't battling brutal injuries. And somehow, the team was able to turn the Mr. Irrelevant pick in Brock Purdy into a franchise QB. The 49ers would be lost without Kyle Shanahan.