NFL Trade Deadline: One deal every team needs to make

How many teams will be active at the trade deadline?
Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
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NFL Trade Deadline: One deal every team should make
AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs - Trade for Darnell Mooney

I'm going to bring up Darnell Mooney again. The Kansas City Chiefs don't have much else on offense besides Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Adding a mid-tier, quality WR like Mooney is simply the rich getting richer. Mahomes has already thrown five interceptions this year and has a passer rating less than 100, so he's not playing as well as he has before.

Los Angeles Chargers - Trade for CJ Henderson

I guess the Los Angeles Chargers could probably try to add a cornerback, as they cut ties with JC Jackson recently. Well, why not try to improve the 24th-ranked defense? The offense is playing very well and Justin Herbert looks excellent. They might benefit from adding a wide receiver since Mike Williams is out for the year, but I think adding to a weaker unit makes more sense.

Denver Broncos - Trade... everyone?

Like the New England Patriots, I don't think anyone should be off-limits for the right price. The Broncos and Sean Payton need to reset this team, and Payton needs to establish a new culture in that organization. Parting with several aging veterans like Courtland Sutton, Josey Jewell, and Justin Simmons makes sense for this team.

Las Vegas Raiders - Trade Davante Adams

The Las Vegas Raiders are not going anywhere with Jimmy Garoppolo, who leads the league in interceptions. Trading their best player for some draft picks is the best thing this franchise can do, and moving on from Josh McDaniels would spark a much-needed rebuild.