NFL Trade Deadline: One deal every team needs to make

How many teams will be active at the trade deadline?
Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
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NFL Trade Deadline: One deal every team should make
NFC West

Arizona Cardinals - Trade Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz is well into his 30s and the Arizona Cardinals are rebuilding their team. Ertz really has no place on this roster at this point. They should do right by him and send him to a contender who is in need of another pass catcher.

Los Angeles Rams - Trade Aaron Donald

I don't think the Los Angeles Rams are going anywhere in 2023, and with their core players getting up there in age, it might make the most sense to angle towards getting younger at certain positions. Trading Aaron Donald, the best defensive player in NFL history, would be a good start for this team.

San Francisco 49ers - Trade for Jaylon Johnson

I guess the "weakest" part of this roster is at cornerback. Getting some high-quality insurance in the secondary would be almost unfair for San Francisco. I'd even say that acquiring someone like Jaylon Johnson would slide Dee Lenior out of the starting lineup.

Seattle Seahawks - Trade for Trent Brown

I believe Trent Brown is best when he's plays at the right tackle spot. Well, a deal that makes sense to me is the Seattle Seahawks calling up the England Patriots and seeing if Trent Brown is available. Brown would instantly slide in as the RT starter, as Abe Lucas recently had knee surgery and his timeline is not known at the moment.