NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Broncos soar, Steelers get exposed

-Denver Broncos win their fourth in a row

-Buffalo Bills get back on the right track

-San Francisco 49ers back to their normal selves?

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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5. San Francisco 49ers (7-3)

Well, the 49ers are certainly a streaky team.  They won five in a row to begin the season.  Then they lost three in a row.  Now they have won two in a row.  They sit at 7-3 and look to have recalibrated themselves after their losing streak.  They’re fine and are going to be playing in the NFC Championship Game this year.  Bank on it.  

4. Baltimore Ravens (8-3)

The Baltimore Ravens will now be without stud TE Mark Andrews for the rest of the year.  Andrews was injured with one of those questionable “hip drop” tackles that all of a sudden are being talked about.  We’ll see if the NFL does anything about that tackle itself, but I don’t remember it being given a name until very recently, which is interesting.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (7-2)

The Kansas City Chiefs are playing on Monday Night Football versus the Philadelphia Eagles, a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl.  Honestly, both the Chiefs and the Eagles don’t feel quite as good as they did last year.  The Chiefs’ offense just isn’t as explosive as what it was and the Eagles’ defense is not as stout as 2022.

2. Detroit Lions (8-2)

The Detroit Lions are not only 8-2, but are one of the NFL’s best teams.  Their comeback against the Chicago Bears in the final seconds was outstanding, and it shows just how gritty and well-coached this team is.  Hats off to Dan Campbell, who should firmly be ahead in the Coach of the Year conversation.  

1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)

The best record in the NFL belongs to the Philadelphia Eagles, and depending on how their Mondayt Night Football tilt goes with the Kansas City Chiefs goes, the Eagles, Chiefs, and Detroit Lions could all be 8-2 by the time Week 11 closes out on Monday night.