NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Broncos soar, Steelers get exposed

-Denver Broncos win their fourth in a row

-Buffalo Bills get back on the right track

-San Francisco 49ers back to their normal selves?

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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26. Chicago Bears (3-8)

What a heartbreaker of a loss for the Chicago Bears.  But not all is lost, here.  The Carolina Panthers continue to lose, so the Bears still have the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.  The Bears’ own pick is currently the fourth overall, so the Bears might be set up nicely to get two blue-chip prospects in round one.

25. Washington Commanders (4-7)

The Washington Commanders have a solid roster but have a pretty bad, and frankly overrated head coach in Ron Rivera.  I think a hew coaching staff, perhaps giving Eric Bieniemy a shot, would yield encouraging results for this team.  A new ownership group is also a plus for this starved fanbase.

24. Atlanta Falcons (4-6)

It’s really a shame, as the Atlanta Falcons have a fine roster but are missing a franchise quarterback.  I wouldn’t at all be shocked to see this team make a run at Kyler Murray if the Cardinals decided they wanted to move on.  The Falcons and Murray is a lovely match if head coach Arthur Smith sticks around.