NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Broncos soar, Steelers get exposed

-Denver Broncos win their fourth in a row

-Buffalo Bills get back on the right track

-San Francisco 49ers back to their normal selves?

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6)

This team started 3-1.  It felt a bit phony to me, and it appears that I was not wrong in my assessment.  The Bucs have gotten solid play from Baker Mayfield. But Mayfield is not your long-term answer.  I think taking a QB in the mid or late part of the first round in 2024, re-signing Mayfield and taking a WR to replace Mike Evans would be a fine solution for the team.

22. Los Angeles Chargers (4-6)

When does it get better for the Los Angeles Chargers?  Many would argue that head coach Brandon Staley is holding this team back, and I don’t disagree.  I do think Justin Herbert gets a bit too much credit, but that’s just me.  I do think LA needs a fresh start with their coaching staff.  Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore is probably a good candidate to get a shot to take over as HC for this team.

21. Las Vegas Raiders (5-6)

I mean, give the Las Vegas Raiders some credit here.  They are showing a ton of grit under interim HC Antonio Pierce, but I don’t think this wave they’re riding is going to last much longer.  The team is top heavy and needs some more talent on defense.