NFL Week 13: 3 bold predictions for this week's games

Let's make some bold predictions for this week's games!
Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
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Bold Prediction #2: Houston Texans miss potential game-tying FG versus Denver Broncos

Something that I predicted to myself a couple of days ago and something I'll put out into the open is the Houston Texans missing the potential game-tying field goal in the last minute of their Week 13 game versus the Denver Broncos. So, if you were unaware, Texans' original kicker and total stud Ka'imi Fairbairn is on injured reserve and is set to return soon.

The Texans have been relying on the let of well-traveled veteran Matt Ammendola since, and it's not gone well. Ammendola isn't a good kicker and has not been able to stick on an NFL team. He's currently 3/6 with the Texans and 0/2 from 50+ yards. The Texans recently cut the kicker and worked out a couple others, but decided to bring Ammendola back.

What I think will happen this game is it being close and the Broncos taking something like a 24-21 or 27-24 lead late in the game. Any hope for the Texans to win would be on the shoulders of CJ Stroud and Matt Ammendola. I think the Texans get into FG range, but I predict that Ammendola again misses late in the game and essentially hands the Denver Broncos their sixth win in a row.

It would be even more drama for both teams, who are each 6-5 and have had their fair share of drama this year. I don't know why I feel this way, but I do.