NFL Week 13: 3 bold predictions for this week's games

Let's make some bold predictions for this week's games!
Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Bold Prediction #3: The San Francisco 49ers beat the Philadelphia Eagles by multiple scores

So, I think the San Francisco 49ers are going to put the entire league on notice and beat the Philadelphia Eagles by at least nine points. The Niners have won three games in a row after losing three in a row, and after winning their first five games of the 2023 season. They've been a streaky team this year, and I think they continue their win streak and make it a bit more crowded in the NFC for the top seed.

Here's something to note that I find very interesting about these two teams. Pro Football Reference has a statistic called "Expected W-L," which they define as the team's expected record based on the points they score and allow. For the 49ers, their Expected W-L is 8.9-2.1, which obviously rounds up to 9-2. PFR seems to think that the 49ers are actually a 9-2 team and not an 8-3 team.

For the Eagles, their Expected W-L is just 7.0-4.0, so they seem to think that the Eagles are truly a 7-4 team. San Fran also has a +140 point differential and the Eagles have a +64 point differential. To me, this has 49ers' win written all over it, and I think they go into the Linc and get the win. And they'll win by at least nine points in doing so.