One burning question for each NFL team ahead of the 2024 season

Here's one burning question for each NFL team ahead of the 2024 season.
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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NFC West

San Francisco 49ers - Is this the year they finally get over the hump?

The San Francisco 49ers seem to make the NFC Championship Game every season. They're 0-2 in Super Bowls since 2019 and are always among the best teams in the NFL. At some point, they have to get over the hump, right? Maybe not; maybe Kyle Shanahan simply isn't a good enough head coach to bring a Super Bowl back to the city.

Arizona Cardinals - Can this team quietly win a bunch of games?

They won four games in 2023. Could they double their win total in 2024? The Arizona Cardinals were a frisky team in 2023, so the added talent this offseason could lead to them winning more than people think. Do not be surprised if this team is in the Wild Card hunt about halfway through the season.

Seattle Seahawks - Can 2022 Geno Smith return?

I don't think he can, but it'll be interesting to see if the new coaching staff will be able to help the defense finally reach their potential and help Geno Smith return to his old self. If not, the 2024 season will be more of an evaluation year, and at that point, more roster changes could come.

Los Angeles Rams - Does the Stafford/McVay era have one final Super Bowl run?

They won the Super Bowl in 2021, but that was three seasons ago now. The LA Rams did go 10-7 in 2023, so perhaps this new group of young players can help fuel one final Super Bowl run in the Matthew Stafford/Sean McVay era. Stafford is now in his age-36 season and might not have much longer in the NFL.