One New Year's Resolution for each NFL team in 2024

Here's one New Year's Resolution for each NFL team!

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Well, 2024 is upon us! Many of you will list some New Year's Resolutions you hope to accomplish in the new year. And you bet that every NFL team will do the same thing, too. Two of the biggest issues facing NFL teams on a broad level is QB play and offensive line play. Both are not great. And there are many teams that need to improve on one or both of these crucial aspects.

The NFL is filled with parity, and the 2023 NFL Season has shown a ton of that. I'd expect the 2024 NFL Season to feature a lot of what we've seen in 2023, and I think we'll see a ton of teams be hyper-aggressive in trying to improve on their rosters. Let's dive into one New Year's Resolution for each NFL team.

One New Year's Resolution for each NFL team in 2024
AFC North

Baltimore Ravens - Get Lamar Jackson even more weapons

Lamar Jackson seems to be in the driver's set for the NFL MVP award in 2023, and he doesn't exactly have the best of weapons. They're good, yes, but not great. I still think this offense can take another step by acquiring a true WR1 in 2024.

Cleveland Browns - Get a succession plan in place for Deshaun Watson

The Cleveland Browns have a huge QB issue on their hands. Their offense has looked much better with Joe Flacco in the lineup, and Watson just has not looked very good since arriving in Cleveland. The team needs to get a succession plan in place for Watson.

Cincinnati Bengals - Keep bolstering the offensive line

The Bengals offensive line still isn't that good, and they'll likely have a hole at right tackle to fill in 2024, as I do not think this team is going to re-sign Jonah Williams. The OL is still a huge need for this team.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Acquire a franchise QB no matter what it takes

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be an unserious, irrelevant team until they get a franchise QB in the building. Sorry Yinzers, Kenny Pickett is no good.