One New Year's Resolution for each NFL team in 2024

Here's one New Year's Resolution for each NFL team!
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars - Get more juice with the pass rush

Locking up stud pass rusher Josh Allen long-term would be a great start, but this defense simply needs more juice from their pass rush. I think the offense is going to be just fine, but the defense is definitely something to look at in 2024.

Houston Texans - Maximize rookie contract window with CJ Stroud

I think the Houston Texans can be a legitimate contender in 2024 if they have another strong offseason, and they'll have a handful more seasons of a QB on a rookie contract. CJ Stroud is legit, and they need to take advantage of that in 2024.

Indianapolis Colts - Get confirmation on Anthony Richardson

The Indianapolis Colts are 9-7 and in a playoff spot with Gardner Minshew. This team can be viable with Minshew under center, but they do need to figure out if Anthony Richardson is legit. I think we'll have a good idea on that during the 2024 season, but Indy is building something here and they don't want to waste that with a potentially bad QB.

Tennessee Titans - Give Will Levis a fair shot

Will Levis is in a pretty horrid situation in Tennessee. There is no offensive line to speak of in Tennessee and the weapons on offense are just bad. The Titans need to surround Levis with a competent OL and decent weapons to get a fair evaluation on him.