One New Year's Resolution for each NFL team in 2024

Here's one New Year's Resolution for each NFL team!
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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AFC East

Miami Dolphins - Extend Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa gets a lot of heat, but he's a really good quarterback, and the Miami Dolphins need to lock him up for the long term. The Dolphins have a ton of other talent, so it's not like their roster needs a lot of work

Buffalo Bills - Just get healthy

The Buffalo Bills have definitely endured their fair share of injuries. They need to strive to get healthy in 2024 and should perhaps adjust something with their training to ensure the don't have the same amount of injuries this next season.

New York Jets - Get several more starters along the offensive line

The New York Jets need several new starters along the offensive line. QB Aaron Rodgers is 40 years old and will likely not be as quick on his feet as he was previously. The Jets need to ensure, if nothing else happens this offseason, that the OL is as good as it can be.

New England Patriots - Get a franchise QB in the building

The New England Patriots need to find a franchise QB in 2024. They could look to the 2024 NFL Draft for that or perhaps could find their franchise QB in another way. However they do it; they need to get it done.