One nightmare scenario for each AFC team ahead of the 2024 NFL Season

Let's look at one nightmare scenario for each AFC team ahead of the 2024 NFL Season.
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AFC South

Houston Texans - Team cannot build on their breakout 2023 season

The Houston Texans went 10-7 in 2023 with a rookie head coach and a rookie QB. They even won a playoff game and ended up in a Divisional Round game with the Baltimore Ravens. Well, it's clear that the Texans are trying to go all-in for this coming season, as they've made two of the biggest moves of the offseason in a trade for Stefon Diggs and a free agent signing of Danielle Hunter.

The disaster here is that the Texans don't make much progress from 2023 and maybe regress a bit in the 2024 NFL Season.

Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Richardson continues to get hurt and/or can't progress in year two

Indianapolis Colts QB Anthony Richardson missed most of his rookie season with injuries, and it's really a shame, as Richardson show some signs of being a legit, franchise quarterback. Well, could there be a possibility in year two that Richardson again struggles with injuries? Is it also possible that maybe he isn't cut-out to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL?

The Colts do have a very strong roster and did win nine games in the 2023 NFL Season with Gardner Minshew at the helm for a majority of the season. This team has the talent and coaching to win a ton of games, and if Richardson can hit his potential, Indy is going to be dangerous.

Tennessee Titans - Will Levis is no good

Simple, right? This is the Will Levis show now, for at least the 2024 NFL Season. The Tennessee Titans did load up on offense this offseason, as GM Ran Carthon signed two big-name wide receivers in Tyler Boyd and Calvin Ridley, and they already have DeAndre Hopkins in the mix.

With some added additions along the offensive line, the Titans seem to be in a good spot on offense, but all of this does hinge on Will Levis. If Levis is no good, the Titans might not win more than a few games and could be back to square one heading into the 2025 offseason.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Maybe 2023 Trevor Lawrence is who is really is?

Maybe the statistical production we saw in the 2023 NFL Season from Trevor Lawrence is actually who he really is? Maybe I am wrong? Well, only time will tell, but the Jaguars did ink him to a five-year, $275 million contract, so now he's tied for being the highest-paid QB in NFL history alongside Joe Burrow.

If Trevor Lawrence cannot regain the form we saw in 2022, the Jaguars are in deep trouble.