One nightmare scenario for each AFC team ahead of the 2024 NFL Season

Let's look at one nightmare scenario for each AFC team ahead of the 2024 NFL Season.
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AFC East

Buffalo Bills - Josh Allen turns into a mess without his top wide receivers

Josh Allen threw 18 interceptions in the 2023 NFL Season, and now he's without both Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis, so this WR room could be a huge problem in 2024. Their top wide receiver is, who? Keon Coleman? Curtis Samuel? Someone else? It's just not an ideal situation for the Bills, so the nightmare here is that Josh Allen just amps up the turnover-happy ways that have plagued him his entire career.

Could we see Josh Allen throw as many as 20 interceptions in 2024? That would be awful for the Buffalo Bills.

New York Jets - Aaron Rodgers ends up being washed up

Pretty simple, really, Aaron Rodgers is turning 41 years old at the end of the 2024 NFL Season. He's also coming off of a major injury. A torn Achilles at 40 years old is just not ideal, and Aaron Rodgers didn't play all that well in his last full season in 2022, his last year with the Green Bay Packers.

The New York Jets will go as Aaron Rodgers goes, and if he's simply not his old self, well, you can see where the nightmare comes into play. Literally everything hinges on Rodgers' health in 2024. Everything.

Miami Dolphins - All the added talent can't help team make progress in postseason

The Miami Dolphins have added a good bit of talent this offseason. And frankly, they've got the best roster in the AFC East. It's quite good, and they have enough talent to make a pretty deep playoff run if all goes well. Unless, however, their quarterback, head coach, both, or something else holds them back, it won't be pretty, and GM Chris Grier making all of these moves this offseason will be for nothing.

The Dolphins also have this interesting reputation for not being able to play in cold weather, so they also need to figure that out as well.

New England Patriots - Early indications that Jerod Mayo can't coach

I was not at all a fan of the Jerod Mayo hire, and the nightmare scenario here is what Mayo can't coach, and there are some early indications of that during his first season as a head coach in the NFL. I'm not sure what Mayo brings different to the table, and him being a Patriot for life really does not play well in my head.

Getting the head coach right is a huge step to rebuild an NFL, team and I'm afraid Mayo might not be that guy.