Philadelphia Eagles prove they are frauds after two straight bad losses

The Eagles are fraudulent.
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

I'm actually curious as to how many people truly bought in to the Philadelphia Eagles this year. After two-straight blowout losses to NFC rivals, it's clear that this team is fraudulent. The Eagles aren't good. They just aren't. Two losses over the last two weeks have all but shut the door on their Super Bowl hopes this year. The team doesn't have the "oompf" they had last year, and both sides of the ball are struggling to be consistent.

Turns out, losing both your offensive and defensive coordinators going into 2023 hurts more than some thought. Let's look at some statistics. Over the last two weeks, the Eagles have scored just 32 points. They've allowed 75 points. On the year, Jalen Hurts has thrown 19 touchdowns on a whopping 10 interceptions.

Defensively, the unit has allowed 29 touchdown passes and only has six interceptions. They're allowing opposing QBs to have a 98.4 passer rating. Their point differential is just +21, so they're barely winning games. According to Pro Football Reference, their "Expected W-L" is actually 7-6, so their current 10-3 record has been insanely misleading this year.

Their defense ranks 28th in the NFL, allowing 24.7 points per game. Overall, it's been an ugly year for the Eagles, who should feel fortunate that they were able to pad their record so much in the beginning of the year. Over the last two weeks, they've faced off against the two biggest threats to them in the NFC in the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys.

And they got boat-raced in both games. I mean, the Eagles never really showed much fight in either matchup, and I do think they end up with the #5 seed in the NFC, which would make them play away playoff games. We'll see if this team can make some necessary adjustments over the last month of the season, as if they can't, this team is going to be one-and-done in the postseason.

Both sides of the ball need to step-up, and the teams $250 million QB needs to improve himself. For as much talking as this team has done, they haven't backed it up in recent weeks, and I'm not sure this is even a top-10 team in the NFL right now.

To end the season, the Eagles face the Seahawks, Giants twice, and the Cardinals, so you'd think they could go 3-1 during this stretch, right? I guess only time will tell.