Potential Defensive Coordinator candidates for the Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Al Harris

Al Harris, former NFL cornerback turned coach, could be a game-changer for the Miami Dolphins' defense. At 41, this Dallas Cowboys defensive backs coach has been soaking up knowledge under Dan Quinn's genius, mastering a cover-3 press scheme that meshes perfectly with a 4-3 front. Harris, a standout corner during his 15-year NFL career, has the kind of deep secondary savvy that the Fins desperately need after getting torched repeatedly last season.

Harris might be new to the defensive coordinator game, but he's got a track record of success. Under his guidance, Cowboys stars like Trevon Diggs and DaRon Bland have snagged Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors in a defense that clamped down hard on passing offenses. Imagine what he could do with the Dolphins' talent. Picture Cam Smith, a born press corner, stepping up his game after a year in Fangio's zone-heavy scheme. Then there's the dynamic duo of Jalen Ramsey and Xavien Howard, who could absolutely thrive in a system sprinkled with Dan Quinn's strategies.

And it's not just the secondary that'll shine. Edge rushers like Bradley Chubb and Jaelen Phillips, along with interior linemen Raekwon Davis and Zach Sieler, would be key cogs in Harris's defensive machine. This move could be just what the Dolphins need to turn their defense from a liability into a lethal weapon.

Don "Wink" Martindale

The New York Giants just saw their head coach Brian Daboll and defensive wizard Don "Wink" Martindale part ways, stirring up some drama in the Big Apple. Now, Martindale, a 60-year-old defensive maestro, is hitting the market, making waves as a hot commodity for coordinator spots. Despite the Giants' defense only ranking 27th in 2023, they snagged a jaw-dropping 31 takeaways, tying with the Bills for the league lead. Before the G-Men, he led them to three top-10 finishes as DC and was a key figure behind their Super Bowl triumph.

For the Miami Dolphins, Martindale could be a goldmine. He's got a knack for orchestrating defenses that get hands on the ball. Jalen Ramsey could be the centerpiece of Martindale's secondary, but let's not forget about Javon Holland's explosive potential at safety. He could be the kingpin in Martindale's blitz-happy setup, partnering up with Brandon Jones. And rookie Cam Smith? Under Martindale, his press-man prowess could shine bright on the boundary.

Wink Martindale is all about that bold, high-stakes defense. His go-big-or-go-home approach, heavy on blitzes and full-throttle aggression, could be just the jolt the Dolphins need. Martindale's not about those confusing zone blitzes; he's all about a more straightforward, impactful man-blitzing game. After the Fangio era's switch-up, Martindale's style might just be the spice Miami's defense craves.