Potential Defensive Coordinator candidates for the Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Mike Pettine

Mike Pettine, who's navigated the NFL waters as Buffalo Bills' defensive coordinator, Cleveland Browns' head coach, and Green Bay Packers' defensive coordinator, packs a resume that's hard to ignore. Picture this: Pettine, with his seasoned head-coaching chops, landing in Miami to add some oomph to McDaniels' setup. He's currently flexing his skills as assistant head coach with the Minnesota Vikings, right alongside ex-Dolphins boss Brian Flores.

Pettine's a 3-4 defense aficionado, mixing up a clever cocktail of pseudo-Cover-3 and man coverage. This setup's a dream for Xavien Howard who does his best work in man-press. If he's not there, maybe Pettine can do something with sophomore corner Cam Smith, who, for whatever reason did not play in Fangio's defense.

On the flip side, Pettine weaves in some zone coverage, playing a strategic game of chess with defenders and inside receivers, that's all Jalen Ramsey, who still play at a high level. On the front end, Pettine is known for his clever line stunts – they're all about making a trio of rushers feel like a crowd.

For the Dolphins, snagging another pass-rushing ace – think a Chris Jones type or a hotshot draft pick – would be key for Pettine's three-man assault. Plus, after teaming up with Flores, expect Pettine to sprinkle some of that aggressive, press-heavy style into the mix. At 57, Pettine isn't just about schemes. He's about shifting the whole defensive vibe. Miami, get ready for a Pettine-led transformation.