Potential Defensive Coordinator candidates for the Miami Dolphins

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Chris Shula

Chris Shula, at 37, is the kind of young blood that might just be the spark Mike McDaniel and the Miami Dolphins are looking for. As the current Pass Rush Coordinator/Linebackers Coach for the Los Angeles Rams, Shula has been making waves, and it's time the Dolphins ride that tide.

The linebacker spot in Miami? Let's just say it's crying out for some Shula magic. Just take a look at Ernest Jones's killer season under Shula's wing – 145 tackles, 14 for a loss, 4.5 sacks, and six defended passes. Talk about linebacker goals!

Another benefactor was Byron Young, in his debut as a starter, racked up a sweet eight sacks. And let's not forget nose tackle Kobie Turner, another Shula prodigy, matching those sack numbers. Imagine what he could do with the likes of Raekwon Davis and Zach Sieler in Miami, especially with Shula's knack for using his ends in a 3-4 defense.

Shula's not just a one-trick pony either. His resume includes roles like Outside Linebackers Coach and Linebackers Coach with the Rams before he stepped up as Pass Game Coordinator & Defensive Backs Coach. He even caught the eye of the Philadelphia Eagles last off-season.

After their letdown of a year, they're probably kicking themselves for not snagging him. The Dolphins better not make the same mistake. Chris Shula on the shortlist? That should be a no-brainer.