Predicting every NFL team's starting QB in 2024: Wilson, Fields on the move

Who will be the starting QB for every NFL team in 2024?

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Predicting NFC North starting QBs for 2024

Minnesota Vikings: Kirk Cousins

Maybe I'm just in denial here, but I can't see how the Vikings let Kirk Cousins walk in 2024. I realize they've got to make it work financially, but what are the Vikings' alternatives at this point? Is Joshua Dobbs going to convince them that he can be a bridge QB in 2024? I am banking on the Vikings figuring out a way to make this work in 2024.

Green Bay Packers: Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers have to be thrilled with what they've been seeing from Jordan Love lately. I think earlier this season, there might have been some skepticism that Love could be the guy for the Packers at QB, but he's looking more and more like a stud by the week. I think we can safely say they're going to move forward with him as the starter in 2024.

Detroit Lions: Jared Goff

Jared Goff felt like a throw-in on the Matthew Stafford trade back in 2021, but he's developed into an absolute stud with the Detroit Lions. It'll be fascinating to see how he does if Ben Johnson leaves to get a head coach gig elsewhere, but I think the Lions will continue to build around Jared Goff. He hasn't given them any reason to move on.

Chicago Bears: Caleb Williams

As of right now, the Chicago Bears are slated to get the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and I don't see that pick being used on anyone but Caleb Williams as of right now. Plenty can change in the next four months, though. I think we'll see a new era in Chicago in 2024, which means Justin Fields could be on the 2024 trade market.