Quarterback power rankings heading into Week 14

Let's rank all 32 starting quarterbacks ahead of Week 14!
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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24. Joshua Dobbs - Minnesota Vikings

I think we all expected Joshua Dobbs' magic to run out at some point. Throwing three interceptions against the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings losing two games in a row might have Dobbs on the ropes in Minny. I'm not sure he starts for the Vikings when they take the field next. He's a backup QB that played well for a few games. That's it.

23. Will Levis - Tennessee Titans

Will Levis has thrown seven touchdowns against two interceptions thus far in his rookie season, and I think he's shown enough for the Tennessee Titans to give him year two to secure the position. Getting help along the offensive line and at the skill positions will certainly help Levis' development.

22. Derek Carr - New Orleans Saints

Derek Carr has been hurt multiple times this year and just isn't playing well at all. The massive contract he signed with the New Orleans Saints last offseason is proving to be a huge bust. The Saints are in deep trouble here. They have an expensive, old roster and a bad quarterback.

21. Gardner Minshew - Indianapolis Colts

Gardner Minshew is clearly doing enough to help the Indianapolis Colts win games. They're 7-5 and now just one game back of the AFC South lead. They're tied at 7-5 with the Houston Texans. I think Minshew and the Colts eventually fall off a bit since he's simply a high-end backup QB, but he's played fine and is still helping keep the Colts in the thick of things.