Quarterback power rankings heading into Week 14

Let's rank all 32 starting quarterbacks ahead of Week 14!
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
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8. Josh Allen - Buffalo Bills

I think Josh Allen is overrated and throws too many interceptions. He's not been great this year, but people will obsess over him being responsible for a ton of touchdowns each year. Where's the playoff success? And at this point, where's the regular season success?

7. Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs

This has easily been the worst year of Patrick Mahomes' career in terms of offensive production and personal statistical production. Nothing really jumps out with Mahomes this year. He's been a pretty average passer and the Chiefs' offense just does not have the explosion that it once had. If only they had a super speedy, sure-handed wide receiver on their team. They'd be an elite offense in that case...

6. Lamar Jackson - Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson has been pretty solid this year. He doesn't have crazy numbers as a passer, but the Baltimore Ravens have a very good offense and Jackson is playing efficient football. He's stayed healthy this season and seems like he doesn't have any sort of nagging injury that'll come back to bite the team late in the year.

5. Jared Goff - Detroit Lions

Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions offense is a high-powered unit. Goff has thrown 20 touchdowns this year against eight interceptions. The Lions do show their inexperience a bit with the occasional slip-up, but this is still one of the most effective QBs in the NFL this year.